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Monday, December 28, 2009

Jesus Sat at Table

Jesus sat at table with His friends.
He would share this final feast before the end.
He gathered them around Him, and He said,
"The human one will be rejected, will be put to death and rise once more,
But woe to the one who rejects him, who denies him, who betrays him."
"I will never reject/deny/betray You. Jesus, I could not betray my faith in You."

"You are not the one I met back at the shore.
You are not the one I looked for,
Not the one the people cried for,
Not the one I could die for.
You are not what I expected, You are more."

"Take and eat this, all of you. This is my Body, given up for you.
Take and drink this, all of you. This is the cup of my Blood, given up for you.
When you break the bread, when you share the cup, remember me, remember me."

"I am not the one You called back at the shore.
I have seen too much of pain now, I have learned of loss and gain now
When they plead I will remain now, may I help bring in Your reign now, and be more."

["On that night] I knew where His life would lead Him, I brought my oil to anoint His head,
And I wept as I heard the words He said,
'I must walk through the valley to the other side,
There is no turning back now, there is no place to hide.
Now my God waits to greet me, and when I have died walk on, walk on, walk on...'
I remember how He said to us, 'Just have faith in me and hope.
Walk on, walk on, walk on into the valley.'"

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