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Monday, December 28, 2009

Now the Feast is Drawing Near

Now the feast is drawing near, and the people crowd around him.
They are calling him a prophet, they are calling him a king.

He is clever with his words, and his miracles astound them.
If he speaks to them tomorrow, who knows what the day will bring.

We must silence him, quiet him, stop this would-be king.
For his slander and his treason, we must let him feel our sting.

If his movement catches on, he could soon be our undoing.
He could turn the mob against us with a gesture and a lie.

It is clear that we must act while these passions still are brewing.
For the good of all the people, we must stop him by and by.

If we silence him, quiet him, they'll never question why.
We must think for all the people when the tensions are so high.

We must silence him, quiet him, never question why.
For the good of all the people, I'm afraid that he must die.

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