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Monday, December 28, 2009


It was in the morning when we nailed him to the tree
Stripped him bear and raised him high.
Once we had promised to be faithful to the end,
Now we stand back and watch him die.

It was in the noon time when a darkness filled the land,
Hid the daylight form our eyes.
Once he had moved us with the power of his voice,
Now we refused to hear his cries.

"Oh God, why have you abandoned me, abandoned me?
Now I go the way my calling led.
Now there is no one to anoint my head.
How could You let your servant wind up dead?
I only sought to do you will."

It was in the afternoon when he finally breathed his last.
He has passed over Jordan through the waters deep.
He was life to so many, now in death He will sleep.
When the shepherd is fallen, who will lead the sheep?
Oh Lord, have mercy on Your people.

Now we stand at the Jordan flowing deep and wide.
You have called us to follow through the swift, running tide.
Will You be there to meet us at the other side?
Oh Lord, have mercy on Your people.

He said that you would hear us, He said that you were near us
He said we should not fear as long as You were by our side.
Are You by our side?
Were You by His side?

When the flood rose around us and our hopes are weak,
When we feel how the mighty use the humble and weak,
Do not leave us forsaken; bring the hope we seek.
Oh Lord, have mercy on Your people.
Oh Lord, have mercy on Your people.

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